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Future Earth GSH Taipei
Future Earth Global Secretariat Hub (GSH) Taipei was established in 2021 and hosted by Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan. The GSH Taipei acts as one of the distributed secretariats of Future Earth, a global network of scientists, researchers, and innovators collaborating for a more sustainable planet.

Future Earth’s mission is to advance research in support of transformations to global sustainability. The day-to-day operations of Future Earth are carried out by the distributed secretariats based in eight GSHs. The role of GSH Taipei in the Future Earth structure is given below.

Currently, the Future Earth GSH Taipei is operated by the interim staff team. The following diagram shows our staff members and their tasks. The other staff members in the Center for Sustainability Science will provide by-event support.

In addition to supporting global Future Earth, we also organize events with diverse topics and types to promote sustainability Science.

  • Organize GSH Taipei Signature Events
    • Master Forum on Sustainability Science
    • Webinar Series on Global Sustainability
    • Asian Forum on 10 New Insights in Climate Science
  • Co-organize events with other Future Earth entities
    • Capacity building programs
    • Academic or business meeting of Global Research Networks
  • Promote Sustainability Science
    • Link Asian researchers with other regions