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Operation Project for the International Cooperative Joint Office of IRDR ICoE-Taipei and Future Earth, Taipei
所處/單位:IES, Academia Sinica / RCEC, Academia Sinica
總主持人:Jian-Cheng Lee, Shih-Chun Candice Lung
Operation Project for the International Cooperative Joint Office of IRDR ICoE-Taipei and Future Earth, Taipei
國際合作任務聯合辦公室(IRDR ICoE-Taipei暨Future Earth, Taipei)運作計畫

Facing the challenges of the rapid global environmental changes and the associated risks, and for achieving the goal of sustainable development, cross-disciplinary and international and regional cooperation become significantly crucial. The Center for Sustainability Science, Academia Sinica, holds two international cooperation missions, including the International Research of Disaster Reduction (IRDR) and the Future Earth—organizations that promote risk reduction and sustainability solutions. Through these operations in the past few years, the two international missions have achieved fruitful results, and the impact is significant. Because of the considerable growth of the international tasks, the business volume for these two missions has also increased steadily and therefore the original manpower has been obviously insufficient. In this project, we propose a new joint office for the two international cooperation missions (IRDR ICoE-Taipei and Future Earth, Taipei), which can enhance the working energy and better prepare for the subsequent challenges. This proposal puts forward the importance of relevant international organizations and research agendas and introduces the main tasks in the past three years of the two international cooperation missions to illustrate the diversity of their content and the rapid growth of business. We then provide the future plans and the necessity of the work, before proposing future manpower needs and evaluating the expected benefits.

面對全球急遽變遷衝擊考驗以及永續發展目標,跨領域以及跨國合作越顯重要。本院永續中心辦理兩項國際合作任務,包括1)國際減災任務(IRDR)以及2)未來地球計畫(Future Earth)組織。多年來建立跨國合作網路成果豐碩、影響力快速成長並顯著。與此同時,業務量逐漸並急遽增加,原有人力已有明顯不足的問題。本計畫書擬提出國際合作任務聯合執行辦公室運作規畫,期能增強工作能量,為後續挑戰做好準備。本計畫書首先說明國際上永續相關組織與計畫的重要性,並簡介本中心兩項國際合作計畫過去三年主要執行的任務及具體成效,用以說明其內涵的多元性以及業務的成長快速;並針對兩項國際合作任務的目標列出未來計畫以及這些工作的必要性,進而提出未來人力及經費需求,並評估其預期效益。